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show2-doctorpatient About My Wonderful Pregnancy
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Planning for a Baby



What is My Wonderful Pregnancy

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My Wonderful Pregnancy is a Life-transforming, experiential, interactive and holistic self-development program designed for couples in the planning and expecting stage wherein the participants discover, realize and actually experience pregnancy as a wonderful, joyous creation process.

It is an interactive workshop that guides couples on all aspects of - Planning for a Baby, Pregnancy, Childbirth and, Aftercare.

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My Wonderful Pregnancy also gives the couples a platform to address their questions and get answers from experts.

  For Couples in the planning and expecting stage  
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Latest news

  • One of the participants shared:07-AUG-2014
    I feel more connected to my baby. Much more positive than before for a successful pregnancy. Fears are no more there. Medical & spiritual blend of this course is very helpful in raising the consciousness level in this phase of life.
  • Participants Feedback07-AUG-2014
    See more sharings from our participants in the Testimonials section at http://mywonderfulpregnancy.com/testimonial
  • Next batch19-OCT-2017
    The next batch of My Wonderful Pregnancy is starting from 28th October 2017
  • Announcing the October-December 2017 batch19-OCT-2017
    The schedule of the New Batch Schedule is now updated.
  • One of our participants shared:10-OCT-2015
    Before joining "My Wondferful Pregnancy" I was thinking that Pregnancy is very troublesome for every women. But now I am fully acknowledged that pregnancy is a NATURAL & very easy process. "My Wondferful Pregnancy" gives NEW Realization of LIFE in all aspects like mental, physical & spiritual developments. Now Im enjoying my pregnancy very happily & with all enthusiasm. My Husband always encourages me & helps me in all activities like pranayama, yoga & etc. We are very HAPPY & eager to welcome our Dearest, lovable SONU.
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  • One of our Participants shared:12-DEC-2015
    I feel much more confident about my pregnancy and delivery. I am all filled up with positive energy and positive thoughts. I have adapted many improvements in my routine, nutrition and thinking. "My Wonderful Pregnancy" has made my pregnancy more meaningful and more enjoyable. Thank you for this lovely experience.
  • Orientation / Introduction23-JUL-2017
    Read about the program on the website, http://mywonderfulpregnancy.com/psp and also Feel free to call on 9766495389 for more details.
  • Renamed!!!18-FEB-2016
    We have renamed the "Pregnancy SSY Program" or "Pregnancy Siddha Program" or PSP to "My Wonderful Pregnancy". Only the name has changed; the inspiration, foundation, contents, context, teachers and all the sessions are the same.
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