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About My Wonderful Pregnancy

What is My Wonderful Pregnancy Program?

PSP My Wonderful Pregnancy Program is a Life-transforming, experiential, interactive and holistic self-development program designed for couples in the planning and expecting stage; wherein the participants discover, realize and actually experience pregnancy as a wonderful, joyous creation process.

Who can attend My Wonderful Pregnancy Program?

1) Couples in the planning stage

2) Couples in the expecting stage

3) Anyone involved in taking care of a pregnant woman

Why should I attend My Wonderful Pregnancy Program?

Do you know that, knowing certain medical facts and implementing certain techniques help you achieve complete health before you actually conceive? By making nourishing choices, in the planning stage itself, you can ensure that your baby-to-come will receive the basic elements to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

We believe that when you are inviting a soul into your life by planning and/or conceiving a baby, you are assuming a divine responsibility to create a complete human being, to give him love, care and nourishment. In My Wonderful Pregnancy Program, we have a special session just for the planning couples to help you in this role.

When you are an expecting parent you may be worrying about your pregnancy or may want to give your baby the best care possible. Many expecting parents find that My Wonderful Pregnancy workshops really help calm their worries and answer many questions.

They help you prepare for many aspects of becoming a parent: the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings, labor and delivery, and caring for your newborn.

These workshops cover all kinds of issues surrounding childbirth including breathing techniques, pain management, vaginal birth, what to expect after the baby is born, including breastfeeding, baby care, and dealing with the emotional changes of new parenthood.

What’s more…

  • You gain first hand knowledge directly from the experts.
  • The topics are made easy to understand through extensive use of images, slide shows and videos.
  • You understand, enjoy and experience this beautiful phase in your life by improving your skills, confidence and energy.
  • You'll be able to discuss your plans and worries with the experts and with other parents. This workshop is also a good way to make friends with other parents who are expecting babies around the same time as you.
  • Whether it's a healthier pregnancy, increased knowledge, reduced anxiety, or a greater closeness with your husband, there are many benefits to taking a My Wonderful Pregnancy workshop.
  • You and your husband will develop a beautiful bond with your baby, and you will start enjoying this phase in your life. The process of delivery would definitely be a memorable event for both of you.

What topics are covered in My Wonderful Pregnancy workshops?

Multiple aspects are considered. Such as:

  • Fertilization and conception
  • Common challenges
  • Investigations during planning and pregnancy
  • Exercises and Yogasan during planning and pregnancy
  • Meditation and mantras
  • Bonding between mother, father and baby
  • How to plan an effortless pregnancy
  • Triggering the baby’s intelligence
  • Promoting overall development of your yet to-be-born angel
  • Healthy diet plan
  • Preparation for a normal delivery.
  • Labor Positions
  • Relaxation techniques and stress management
  • Breathing techniques for labor
  • Role of the father during delivery
  • Painless delivery
  • Acupressure therapy
  • Introduction to Stem cell therapy
  • Care of the mother and baby after delivery

How many sessions are conducted in the program ?

  • My Wonderful Pregnancy is an eight-session program. The sessions are conducted once a week for 4 hours.
  • There is a special mid-week session for couples who are planning for their pregnancy and baby. Here some of the aspects that are unique to planning stage are considered.
  • Another special session is to be attended eight to twelve weeks after delivery. This session includes:
  • Mother and baby care after delivery.
  • New mothers and fathers share their concerns and doubts regarding breastfeeding, diet and ways to cope up with the new role.
  • Here you will discover answers to many post-delivery challenges.
  • Most mothers think about how to regain my shape. Here we teach you exercises and yogaasanas that help you to lose those extra pounds.
  • Pregnancy is bliss. We help couples in the planning and pregnant stage to understand, enjoy and experience this beautiful phase in their life by improving their skills and confidence, and helping them to have a positive birth experience.
  • My Wonderful Pregnancy is not just a workshop about fetal health, for we believe that the knowledge and the experience provided can improve the health of society at large. The suffering, depression, and crime that surround us each day are strong statements about a loss of balance between body, mind, and spirit. This loss often starts at the very beginning of a life before birth. The tendency toward a balanced state of health and wholeness and the tendency to lose this intrinsic but delicate balance are both present in seed form at the moment of conception. Life learning clearly begins before birth.
  • We invite you to our workshops to share our hope that all children are divine beings and are our future. Come let’s create a healthier, more loving world.
  • Schedule of My Wonderful Pregnancy Program
“We believe everyone can experience heaven on earth and this possibility is created through promoting the growth of developed individuals. Laying a strong foundation of a healthy and balanced personality even before birth can lead to an increase in the number of such individuals. This transformation definitely brings about balance, harmony and joy to all”

Latest news

  • One of the participants shared:09-JUL-2018
    I feel more connected to my baby. Much more positive than before for a successful pregnancy. Fears are no more there. Medical & spiritual blend of this course is very helpful in raising the consciousness level in this phase of life.
  • Participants Feedback09-JUL-2018
    See more sharings from our participants in the Testimonials section at http://mywonderfulpregnancy.com/testimonial
  • Next batch05-MAR-2019
    The next batch of My Wonderful Pregnancy is starting from 31st March 2019
  • Announcing the Jan-Feb 2019 batch05-MAR-2019
    The schedule of the April-May 2019 Batch is now updated.
  • One of our participants shared:10-OCT-2015
    Before joining "My Wondferful Pregnancy" I was thinking that Pregnancy is very troublesome for every women. But now I am fully acknowledged that pregnancy is a NATURAL & very easy process. "My Wondferful Pregnancy" gives NEW Realization of LIFE in all aspects like mental, physical & spiritual developments. Now Im enjoying my pregnancy very happily & with all enthusiasm. My Husband always encourages me & helps me in all activities like pranayama, yoga & etc. We are very HAPPY & eager to welcome our Dearest, lovable SONU.
  • One of our Participants shared:12-DEC-2015
    I feel much more confident about my pregnancy and delivery. I am all filled up with positive energy and positive thoughts. I have adapted many improvements in my routine, nutrition and thinking. "My Wonderful Pregnancy" has made my pregnancy more meaningful and more enjoyable. Thank you for this lovely experience.
  • Orientation / Introduction23-JUL-2017
    Read about the program on the website, http://mywonderfulpregnancy.com/psp and also Feel free to call on 9766495389 for more details.
  • Renamed!!!18-FEB-2016
    We have renamed the "Pregnancy SSY Program" or "Pregnancy Siddha Program" or PSP to "My Wonderful Pregnancy". Only the name has changed; the inspiration, foundation, contents, context, teachers and all the sessions are the same.
  • Delivery Sharing Video01-JAN-2019
    Watch this sharing by copy-pasting the following link in your browser: https://www.facebook.com/MyWonderfulPregnancy/videos/1786876988088471/

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