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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to attend MyWP?

If you are planning for a pregnancy in the near future or are pregnant, this is the time to do MyWP. If you are pregnant, (any month/week of pregnancy), this is the time to do MyWP.

Is it compulsory for husbands to attend?

MyWP is couple program. To get the maximum benefits during pregnancy, the would-be-father should attend.

I am not able to conceive. Will this program help?

The experts being doctors, yes. Dr.Manisha is a practicing gynaecologist. She gives personal guidance on any specific issues when needed. Certain mind and body techniques help to allay anxiety and fear and achieve better health before pregnancy.

I stay in Dubai. Can I attend?

Yes. As all the sessions are conducted online, anyone from anywhere in the world can attend. You need a stable internet connection and a laptop.

My husband is constantly travelling. How can he attend?

He can log in from another device. The MyWP team will guide him further.

Can my mother attend?

This program is for would-be-parents. She can attend along with you both after intimating the team before hand.

I am pregnant for the second time. Do I need the guidance of this program.

If you have done MyWP in the 1st pregnancy, you can apply all that you have gained before in the classes in this pregnancy. If not, it is a great time to learn. Remember, every pregnancy and every baby is different.

Is this same as ISP?

ISP is a parenting program. MyWP is a pregnancy program. Basic difference. The spiritual foundation of both the programs is the same that is Siddha Samadhi Yog. The contents, topics are entirely different.

Who are the teachers?

Dr.Manisha Joshi(Gynaecologist)Dr.Abhijit Joshi(Anaesthesiologist)Shri Sameer Naik(Councellor)To know more kindly go to the Experts Page

Does the program include Pregnancy Yoga?

Pregnacy Yoga & Exercises are a crucial part of preparing for a normal Pregnancy & Delivery. The program includes 1 hour of live, exclusive Pregnancy Yoga classes conducted by certified Yoga teachers. On all weekdays.

Iam in the planning stage. Can I attend the Pregnancy Yoga classes?

Yes, you should. Your body needs strength, flexibility & stamina to withstand the demands of a growing baby. Preparation of this starts before pregnancy. Such women do not face the common pregnancy challenges as other do.

I have PCOD. Can this program help?

PCOD is a life-style disorder. In MyWP, as you learn to iculcate healthy lifestyle habits, the hormones start regulating & become favourable for a healthy pregnancy.

What is the contribution for this program?

The fees for MyWP program is INR 18.5k. Includes:1) 8 Sunday sessions of 4 hours each. 2) 2 Sat Meets of 2 hours each. 3) 55 Live Yoga Classes. 4) Personal consultation with Dr. Manisha Joshi.

Can I continue Live Yoga classes even after I have finished the program?

Yes, you can continue The Yoga classes by paying monthly fees of 1k/month

What are the different topics included in the program?

Please see the About MyWP page in this website.

Are the special Breathing Techniques taught in the program?

Yes, Special Controlled Breathing Techniques are taught in the 4th Sunday Class

Is Pranayam & Meditation taught ?

Yes, Pranayam & Meditation are a part of the everyday live Yoga classes

I have lots of mood swings & am mostly stressed out. Can this program help?

It is normal to experience Mood Swings before/during Pregnancy. Many Mind Practices & understandings are taught in the classes.

I have heard Mantras, Stotras & Prarthanas are good to hear. Are they included in the program?

Yes, Every session, a new Mantra & Prarthana is introduced. A special music compilation is shared with all participants in the program which includes all this.

Can OM recitation be done during Pregnancy?

Yes, how to do is taught in the program.

Will I be able to understand topics covered in the program?

Not to worry. With the extensive use of easy language, lots of audios, videos & presentations, the understanding becomes smooth.

Do we have to do homework?

We call it Homeplay, so you dont find it laborious. You enjoy writing simple answers about your learning.

Wont I forget all that is taught in the program?

We share with you all the learning material in the form of MyWP synopsis book, Videos & Music tracks on our portal. You can access this anytime lifelong.

How do I talk to my Baby in the Womb?

There is a special technique to do this. We will teach you.

I have lots of acidity, bloating & constipation? Will the program be helpful?

In the 3rd session of MyWP, the right scientific food principles are discussed. When you make our suggested recommendations, you will find relief.

How can I perform a Pregnancy Massage?

We will teach you how to. Massage has immense medical benefits.

I have gestational diabetes. How do I ensure my babys safety & growth?

All the medical & spiritual knowledge discussed in the program will make you well informed & confident. Our founder, Dr. Manisha Joshi, a Gynaec herself can guide you.

Is MyWP a Garbhasanskar program?

Yes it is. Some may like to call it a Prenatal/Pregnancy/holistic/childbirth education program too!

I would like to consult Dr. Manisha Joshi, How can I?

You can take her appointment on 9970175389 by a WhatsApp message. She would be glad to help you.

Is it possible to have a normal delivery?

Yes, by learning the process, what to expect & to do one can experience normal birth. Many have done it!!

What are the labor positions?

You will be taught & will get to practice in the 4th session.

I am confused, what blood and other tests should I do in my pregnancy?

You will be guided in the sessions.

What care should I take in my pregnancy?

When you will understand all the medical & spiritual aspects of pregnancy, you will know how.

Do the 4 hour sessions have breaks in between?

Yes, we do have 10 to 15 min break for you to refresh.

I have sleep issues. What to do?

Daily Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation will give you a lot of benefit.

What preparation should I do before my daily MyWP Yoga class?

You will be guided once you enroll.

What are Pregnancy Affirmations?

In the 2nd session, you will learn the technique of creating these & a Vision for pregnancy.

Should I also attend the 3rd Saturday session?

This is only for couples in the Planning stage. If you are pregnant, you should skip this one.

What is painless delivery?

The 5th session is all about this. Dr. Abhijit Joshi, an Anaesthetist himself will guide you about this.

I am afraid if I will be able to feed my baby my own milk..

Dont worry. You will get all relevant lactation education in our 6th session.

Can I go through feedbacks of previous participants?

Yes, read the Testimonial page on this website, also can go through that on our blog. And our Facebook group, :

Can I enjoy my Delivery Event?

Improving flexibility & stamina facilitates normal delivery. Our Yoga classes will help you in this. Proper breathing technique helps you remain focused. You can be totally relaxed during the process of delivery. Childbirth can be a memorable event. Dr. Manisha Joshi herself believes in Natural Delivery & will guide you. She practises in Pune & can be your Gynaec too.

Will this all help me having an intelligent baby?

Simple Lifestyle and Dietary alterations have profound effects on the outcome of pregnancy. You can sow the seed of overall development of your child by following certain principles.

How does Yoga help?

Yogasanas, Meditation and Chanting Mantras during pregnancy creates a healthy environment for the mother and the baby.

Is it a couple program?

Active participation of the father during pregnancy and delivery leads to beautiful bonding between husband, wife & the child.

I have fear for exercise..

Do not worry. Learning yogasanas and exercises that work wonders on a pregnant womans body. Gentle way to keep your body active, energetic and supple. The aasanas ensure an effortless pregnancy & natural childbirth.

I want to eat healthy food. Dont know how?

The 3rd session is all about food. You will be explained how.

Is Accupressure also taught?

Yes, it is to get relief from minor aches & have a smooth delivery.

How do I take care of the baby after birth?

The 6th session is about baby care.

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