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Planning for a Baby

When you, as a couple, start thinking of having a baby; i.e. even before conception actually happens, some things need to be done. Some preparation is needed for this new arrival. Planning begins when both, husband and wife, are ready to welcome their angel.

Why to plan?

Before you begin anything new, you plan, go through it mentally and prepare yourself thoroughly. Similarly, when you want to invite your angel into your life, you need some preparation and the chances of a great soul arriving in your life would be much higher. When combined with clarity of purpose, planning becomes effortless and the whole process enjoyable: for the couple, as well as for the soul destined to come.

How to plan for a baby?

Many couples do not plan for their pregnancy, and hence, most of the pregnancies are accidental. Those who do plan: most of them unfortunately focus on the financial aspect only- job security, home and bank balance. Some consider that physical health too is important during this stage. Very few couples are aware that a healthy state includes mental, social, emotional and spiritual aspects in addition to a mere physical one.

By attaining a healthy state of body, mind and spirit alike, a couple can enjoy their new role as a father and a mother; and when this happens; our future, our hope, our next generation, our children will be naturally healthy and complete.

Before you have actually started the wonderful journey of pregnancy, implementation of certain techniques and simple lifestyle changes, in addition to having a basic scientific knowledge about fertilization, conception, pregnancy and delivery, will make this journey effortless, memorable and joyful. Come, let us be a great foundation for a healthy generation, society and world.

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