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After Care

After Care

For the new mother:

Immediate post-delivery period is the time when enormous changes are taking place in your body in order to compensate for the complex and taxing biological processes during the process of delivery. And hence after the initial magical, energetic moments of excitation, elation and exhilaration at the time of birth; exhaustion may set in; and is 100% natural.

For the new baby:

For the newborn this is the time of a radical change. A transformation. A transition from complete dependence to a complete independence. A lot of changes happen in the heart, blood circulation, breathing, respiratory system, etc.

While inside the womb, the baby is completely dependent on the mother for its moment-to-moment survival in terms of oxygenation, supply of nutrients and washout of metabolic waste like urea and carbon-dioxide. It doesn't need to breathe or eat or digest for its survival and growth. However, this no longer holds true after birth.

At birth the neonate must start breathing and assimilate food in order to live. Many anatomical, physiological and biochemical changes bring about this transition at birth.

For the first 6-8 weeks (the concept of "savva mahina"):

  • Rest
  • Paying attention to the mother's nutrition
  • Family members' & husband's role in supporting, encouraging and Being there for the new mom and baby.

What is best for me and my baby?

  • Being together
  • Exclusive Breast feeding including colostrum

It is also important to focus on:

  • Resuming activity
  • Gaining back your energy
  • Contraception
  • Getting back into shape

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