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Birth is a normal and natural phenomenon. As you enter the last month of your pregnancy, your body starts preparing for birth.

Most women wonder, when will my process of delivery begin? Shall I deliver on a particular date (EDD) that my gynecologist has given me?

Many complex biochemical and biological processes occur before labor starts. The expected date of delivery (EDD) is just an approximation.

Every process of delivery is unique. It would not only mean that every woman perceives it in a different way; also; the same woman would experience her subsequent deliveries differently.

However, many women develop certain limiting beliefs, misconceptions and fear about labor. These beliefs are mostly formed as a result of listening and believing in the stories heard from other women in the family or acquaintances. Their story is their experience, not yours! Many a times it is incomplete, haphazard, spiced up, exaggerated or distorted. Discard or disregard those possibilities. Believe in yourself and carve your own wonderful experience!

Labor is a process which involves three distinct stages:

  • 1. First Stage: Dilatation of cervix
  • 2. Second Stage: Baby delivery
  • 3. Third Stage: Expulsion of placenta

Your body tells you when you have started this process. When you are calm, relaxed and confident it is likely that the onset and progress would be smoother. You can make it effortless, joyful and a memorable one too. Having good flexibility, strength and stamina help you achieve this. What is equally important is your state of mind. During pregnancy, regular exercise, yogasan, pranayam and meditation can prepare your body as well as mind. Additionally certain scientifically proven relaxation techniques can be practiced. They can make the entire process of delivery easy and smooth. When you are in charge of your mind and emotions you obviously have a greater control over your breathing, muscles and entire body. This would facilitate the natural mechanisms which actually work in your favor to make this process shorter.

It is equally interesting to know fantastic medical and biological facts about the process of labor. Having this knowledge before you actually experience labor helps you to sail through it easily, happily and confidently.

Although it is the woman who experiences it, husbands have an equally important role. When the husband is fully connected, supporting and understanding, he can contribute tremendously in making it an enjoyable experience for his beloved. The arrival of the baby can be a great, 'WOW' moment for the new mother and the father as well.

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